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Click on the Advanced link on the right side, just above the "Roles in ." box.

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Customizing Bulletin Board Settings

A bulletin board portlet on a page will, by default, be readable (only)by anyone who has access to the page. Users with access to the page can also subscribe to a bulletin board. In order for users to be able to post to a bulletin board, you need to grant them permissionson the Permissions tab.

for all changes to be saved, you must click Save onone tab before going to another tab.

All Operations Allows members of a role to perform all the operations listed below.

Can Add Messages Allows members of a role to post and reply to messages. This must be checked for members of a role to see thePost a Message link when they click on a topic or the Reply link when they click on an Black Nike Vapormax Womens individual post.

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Click ontheGlobal Users and Roles link to get a list of the default roles for myColby. If you want to restrict a topic to Leaders or Members of a group, click on the group's link.

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Bulletin boards can be managed only by the person who added the portlet to a page, or by those people designated to do so by this person.

Permitted Users By default, a category can be viewed by all. You may also choose to make the category viewable by only certain roles and/or users.

Can Manage Categories Allows members of a role to access the Manage menu when in the main or full view of the portlet. The Manage menu options include adding/editing/ordering categories, adding topics, and managing subscriptions (for the user only). The (Add a topic categories only), (Edit) and (Delete) icons will now appear by each category and topic when the user is in the main or full view of the portlet.

For every role in a category, you can select a checkbox for each of the following permissions:

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When you will click on the Permissions tab, you will see one or possibly two categories of role types from which you may choose roles to grant permissions. You will always see a Global User Roles section, listing the base roles which have been set up for myColby. If you are managing a bulletin board for a group, you will also see a section for that group, listing the Leader role and Members role.

Delete Topics The default setting is Never, but you may also choose to delete a topic after a selected number of days. The choices are 3, 7, 15, 30, 60, or 120 days.

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Position The default position is First, but you may also choose to place your new category after any of the existing categories by selecting that categoryfrom a drop down list.

Can Edit and Delete Own Messages Allows members of a role to edit (only)messages that they have posted. (In bulletin boards, only roles that can Manage Messages can delete messages.)

Select Add a Category to open the Manage Category View.

You may take the following steps on the page where the portlet appears or on the main or full view of the portlet. (You can get to the full view by clicking on the title of the portlet or the "Go to Main Screen" link in the bottom right corner of the portlet.)

Complete the following information:

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Can Manage Messages Allows members of a role to edit and delete any messages posted to the bulletin board, regardless of who posted them.

There are three tabs in this window: Preferences, Settings and Permissions. The options are described below.

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Thewindow will refresh (you may need to open the Selected Users section again) and there will now be a gray sectionon the left side of the"Roles in." boxwith a list of tabs or groups to which you have access.

Click Save. NOTE: In order Nike Vapormax Womens White

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Click on the (Customize) icon on the right hand side of the title bar of the bookmark portlet to open the Customize Portlet window.

your changes.

Description This optional field allows you to enter a description of the category. This text will appear in italics under the dotted line beneath the category name in the Nike Vapormax Platinum On Feet

Label This is the name or label of the category that will appear in the portlet.


When you have finished making changes, click on Exit to return to the main view of the portlet.

If you have permissions to manage a bulletin board, when you go to the main or full view of a bulletin board portlet, you will see a blueManagetab, to the left of theSearchtab at the top of the window. Mousing over the Manage tab will display a menu with the following options:

´╗┐Bulletin Board Portlet

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