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Mens Nike Vapormax

It's that technology Halbur is trying to keep track of. He's explored the world of anti bullying apps.

"And both of them can operate my iPhone," he added.

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"I think it is a good way, I think it's effective. You know where your child is, what they're saying, if they are bullying or they are the bully," explained Halbur.

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Mens Nike Vapormax

There are a variety of bullying smartphone applications available for parents who want to track their child's phone activity. (WRDW TV Blue Nike Air Vapormax

You can even set up the apps to look for specific words and you'll get a message when that word is texted to your child. Downloads like the My Mobile Watchdog does it all for you.

/ Nov. 14, 2011)

Halbur is also a father of two children that are growing up fast.

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Mens Nike Vapormax

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bullying smartphone apps target online

most children read and write on a glowing screen, anti bullying apps could alert you to a problem before it's too late. The cost depends on which app you download and the features it may have. Some are free, but many start at 99 cents up to $2.99.

AUGUSTA, Ga. It can happen on Facebook with a simple post or through a mean text message. Bullies use different outlets and that's why some parents and teachers may never know about them.

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"This is the way children and adults Mens Nike Vapormax live their world. Applications on a phone are commonplace if we enter bullying into that commonplace, we are addressing it," said Duane Halbur, an associate professor of counseling at Augusta State University.

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The Bully Shield App pops up advice for different situations, even for students that are bystanders.

"Some of them track what you text, some of them take screen captures and some of them are just a GPS finder," he said.

News 12 at This Morning / Friday, Nov. 14, 2011

you should let your children know you're installing the software on their phone to address any privacy issues, but it's not just about monitoring every keystroke.

My Mobile Watch Dog can cost cost $9.95 a month. You don't need your child's permission to install the apps, but you do need access to their phone to install the software.

In a world where Nike Vapormax Elite

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"I think giving kids positive affirmations, regardless of the source, does help them," Halbur said.

"The ones that I like the most are free. They are the supporting messages for kids who might get bullied," Halbur said.

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