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Mens Nike Vapormax Triple Black

The last thing you want to lose from the game is instinct. I was a bit of a bumper as a junior and I never got reported. But now I have to resist the urge to bump and in the back of my mind I have to always think about tackling above all else.

We only have to look back at James Kelly last year when he looked to execute the perfect bump, but because he made glancing contact to the face, he was deemed to have delivered a poor bump and was suspended.

goes out there and tries to take someone out, then clearly they should be dealt with. But if it incidental, like this Viney case appeared to be, then that needs to be taken into consideration.

There such a fine line between legal and illegal and it a risk not worth taking anymore.

It could have been easy to roll over on this one, especially given one of the past 14 cases taken to the appeals board had been unsuccessful.

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Scotty has told us quite clearly that we cannot be getting ourselves into situations that are going to bring scrutiny upon us from the match review panel.

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Mens Nike Vapormax Triple Black

Even if we go in with the best intentions to apply physical pressure within the boundaries of the laws, a slight misjudgement or change of direction means we could be spending one, two or three weeks on the sidelines.

Accidents happen on the footy field, especially in a contact sport like footy, and you only had to look at the vision to know that Viney did not intentionally choose to bump Adelaide Tom Lynch.

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And clearly, if the tribunal thinks one thing and the appeals board thinks another, then the confusion is fairly widespread across all levels of the game.

The injury to Lynch was unfortunate, but Viney could not have expected that would be the outcome when he braced for contact when coming in to contest the ball.

Viney actions were accidental and you take him at his word when he says that.

the match review panel is needed so that players and fans are much clearer about what the boundaries are.

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As an AFL player, the challenge for us is to adapt to whatever is put in front of you, but sometimes you confronted with a unique set of circumstances.

He could not have possibly expected he would break Lynch jaw as a result, just ask George Burbury his jaw was broken in an accidental collision, unfortunately these things happen on a footy field.

mentally but it started back yesterday with a solid training session and we already looking forward to travelling to Perth next week to take on Fremantle.

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And above all, at the speed that the game is played, you only have a split second to compute everything.

I think some clarification from the AFL and even Black Nike Vapormax

At Geelong, we pretty much been instructed not to bump.

Still, I must admit, I still a bit confused about what we can and can do with our bodies in the contest.

The result was for the good of the game.

´╗┐bump appeal a victory for common sense

For instance, if you elect to dive and smother instead of bumping, you run the risk of being penalised for making forceful contact below the knees.

The key word in all this should be someone Nike Vapormax Everyday Struggle

Mens Nike Vapormax Triple Black

Mens Nike Vapormax Triple Black

That instruction is probably not going to sit too well with fans who value the way of footy, but that the lay of the land now.

If you choose to slow Mens Nike Vapormax Triple Black up dramatically, you possibly exposing yourself to the risk of injury because you not prepared enough for contact.

As for the Cats, we reasonably happy with our position at the moment heading into this weekend break. Scotty has said publicly we still a long way from our best so we continue to work on what we need to do to improve.

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Good on Melbourne for showing the courage to take on the AFL Tribunal and fight the fight for the rest of the competition.

If you jump out of the way, the coach will be demanding to know why you didn commit to the contest, then you have to deal with the media and fan scrutiny that follows.

It was good to have a couple of days off to refresh physically and Nike Air Vapormax Red And White

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