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He said the last time he queued was at Hillsborough in 1976 for tickets to see Derby County play Manchester United in the semi final of the FA Cup.

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Nike Air Vapormax Dark Blue

Just a bit further back in the queue was Geoff Noble, 59, of Crich, who had been there since 3.45pm on Monday.

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He said: "There was no chance of getting a ticket at the Baseball Ground so I went all the way to Sheffield.

But, when she arrived, she was met by the sign saying: "Play off final tickets now sold out. Thanks for your support."

He said of Wendy's predicament: "We spoke to her in the ticket office and dealt with her concerns as best we could."

"We had a great team in 1975 they were exceptional. But I think this Derby squad is the best since the 90s when they had Igor Stimac."

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Nike Air Vapormax Dark Blue

She said: "She does like coming to see the games and she always listens to them on the radio."

announcement, on Monday, that there would be 1,200 extra tickets available for the clash and, for Chris, an unusual request.

His friend had held their place in the queue since 3.15pm on Monday. The 45 year old said: "I've kept myself warm overnight with a couple of beers and some banter."

´╗┐Builder Chris Roworth given a day off work to queue for Rams tickets for his boss

The 24 year old builder said: "It was my boss who wanted one and one or two others.

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I got into the queue at 5.20pm on Monday. I counted the number in front of me and there were 19. At 8 o'clock the next morning there were over 30 in front of me, and this was the typical trend along the line. I got my ticket so I was happy, but what about the people who were told they Nike Air Vapormax Dark Blue would not get tickets who queued legitimately?. It's ok Paul Browes of High Street, Repton (who was at the front of the queue and only got there at midnight, nearly 9 hours after the first were there !!!!) claiming that his friend saved him a place, when he was not even there, but that is playing foul and totally unfair to others who missed a ticket because of him surely? If this is the new way then next time why don't we all say our friend saved us a space. In fact I may as well do it next time and san=ve 100 spaces for friends who might turn up. In fact we could have one turn up and save spaces for the entire city of Derby just in case !!!. Cheating is cheating full stop and cheats should be removed from the queue not emblazoned accross the pages of the DET like some kind of hero. But before you all jump to his defence or say "you have attitutude" "what's your problem" or "get a life" etc. the point I make is extremely valid. If a person has 5 customer numbers then that is acceptable and within the rules of course, but the giveaway here is that people did the same old cheating concept of "heyyyyyy how are you matey" routine to discretely step into other people's places because if his friend already had his customer number at the point of queueing why would he bother to sleep Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Burgundy

Wendy said: "I was thinking of coming to wait overnight, but I had work to get up for in the morning and my son had an exam today so I didn't want the upheaval in the house."

Speaking outside the iPro stadium yesterday morning, shortly after it had rained, a tired looking Chris said he had been camping outside the ground overnight.

through the night outside a stadium? It is just as much cheating to walk up to a queue and pass your customer number to someone as it is doing it physically. I do not say fair play to them either because it is not fair play it is CHEATING others pure and simple.

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"Sam Rush and John Vickers went out to have a chat with some of the fans at 10.30pm on Monday."

single tickets available" and had taken an early lunch to drive straight to the stadium from her workplace in Chaddesden.

Brandon Furse, the club's head of ticket sales and services, said people who had been in the queue had been informed as soon as it became clear they would not get a ticket.

Keith Allinson, 68, of Kirkby in Ashfield, was clearly buoyant as he stood with his four tickets after a wait that had lasted since 4.30pm, Monday.

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All the fans in the queue just after 7am were in excellent spirits despite a sudden shower of rain.

He said: "The fans have been great. It's just a case of communicating with them to manage their expectations.

WITH his tickets booked for the play off final between the Rams and QPR, all Chris Roworth thought he had to do was wait patiently for the big day at Wembley.

Wendy said she was "disappointed" and still hoped there was some way she could get a ticket for her mother.

"I've brought my lounger, duvet, and a pillow and I managed to get a couple of hours of sleep."

At the front of the queue was Paul Browes, of High Street, Repton, who had been there since midnight.

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She said that at, 11.20am yesterday, she called the ticket office to be told there were "plenty of Nike Vapormax All White On Feet

Then came the Nike Vapormax Blue Lagoon

"We've been serving tea to them in the queue and taking the catering cart round in the morning.

Camp chairs and sun loungers were out and blankets tucked under arms.

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He said: "I lived in hope that there would be more tickets available. There were rumours going round that QPR were struggling to sell their allocation."

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