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"We're going to try to return it to prairie, to what is used to be like," Ross said of the plan. "We're going to plant some apple trees. The second owner was called 'The Asparagus King,' so we'll plant some asparagus, too, and keep it historic keep it accurate."

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A lot of the furniture in the house is what came with the house, including a large wooden Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit All Black cabinet in the family room of the old house. Cummins, a farmer by trade, did much of the woodwork in the room himself, Ross noted. It wasn't his first home in the city, though.

Farmhands lived in a second floor room above the kitchen. There is a separate stairway leading to their quarters, which can't be accessed from the other rooms on the second floor. A large sink is attached to the wall outside the kitchen where farmhands would start their day with a shave, Ross said. The sink, which is now used to hold cold beverages in a bath of ice cubes, has a few antique safety razors and a bristle brush set near the faucet handles for effect.

Photos from the site show how close the plane came to hitting the house. One of the plane's two main landing gear legs ended up on a side porch, and Ross said one of the porch's posts was singed in the resulting post crash fire.

Ultimately, the Phipp's daughter, Mildred, owned the house until 1976. She lived there with her husband, Martin, who cut a grass runway that was later developed into Flying Cloud Airport.

that still bears a chill despite being used for storage. "Since we are now renting the house out for events, we have added a refrigerator. They used to get the big chunks of ice from Lake Riley by horse and carriage and put them in there to keep stuff Nike Air Vapormax Tumblr

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"This used to be the icebox," she said, pointing into the concrete lined room Nike Vapormax Platinum Red Black

Much like the large trees growing around it, Eden Prairie's Cummins Phipps Grill House has deep roots in the town's history.

The site is maintained by the city and the historical society, Ross said. The society arranges events, cleans and conducts tours. Recent restoration work includes upgrading a bathroom, installing a fire suppression system and electrical upgrades. The upstairs farmhand quarters was repainted and replastered, as was the kitchen. A landscaping plan will be implemented, paid for using county funds, once spring is more evident.

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Ross begins a tour in the house's kitchen, which features a large cast iron stove.

The dining room's main fixture is a large table in the center of the room with high backed chairs. It was where Cummins and his wife ate, Ross said. The couple never had children.

The nearly 140 year old farm house recently became available for event rental. The Eden Prairie Historical Society is also working to restore the home's upstairs bedrooms, which are currently off limits to visitors. The city owns the house, and the society leases the site, which it also used for historically themed events during the year. Cummins built the house in 1879 and lived there until 1908, when Edwin and Harriet Sprague Phipps bought it. The Phipps lived there until 1934, and Edwin sold vegetables on a stand on nearby Flying Cloud Drive.

"He arrived in Eden Prairie in the 1850s, and he didn't have enough money to build a house yet," Ross said. "The first thing he did was build a log cabin across the street (where Flying Cloud Airport is now) which is long gone. That's where he and his wife lived when they were farming the land and saving up the money to build a more permanent structure. This (house) wasn't started until 15 or 20 years after they got here."

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"This room would have been for entertaining, for evenings," Ross said, looking up at the ornate painted glass and crystal light fixture in the middle of the room's ceiling.

of (the entries) are very short 'It rained today' or 'I planted apples today' but they do exist," Ross said. "The other reason it is on the National Register is that come spring and summer you will see there is a peony garden out there. They are very rare and imported. Harriet Phipps is the one who planted the peony garden."

"We try to keep it period here," she said. "This is the way it used to be."

"Where else in Eden Prairie can you rent a whole house, and have the privacy of having such a large area all to yourself?" Ross said. "We think it's charming. It's got Old World charm, and it's very versatile. There is a lot you can do with it.".

Walking over to a large wooden door on the wall, Ross pulls a handle and opens it, revealing a modern refrigerator humming inside.

Ross says that the society is trying to keep the house's historical significance. Cummins, kept extensive diaries, which provide a unique look into life at the house so long ago. It's one of the reasons that the home was added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1982.

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´╗┐Bringing Eden Prairie's past to life at the Cummins

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Ross's favorite room is a parlor on the southeast corner of the house. The room has a green marble fireplace and a Victorian fainting couch tucked into a corner. The wallpaper trim features large blossoming flowers, and a pump organ sits quietly in another corner.

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The society opened the home to public events in September, and Ross says baby showers, parties and a wine and cheese parties have already been held. Several graduation parties are planned for the spring. All of the funds generated by rentals go back into paying for restoration work, Ross said.

Outside of the parlor is near where the modern era proved almost fatal to the house in August 2009. Two people were killed when a twin engine Beechcraft 18 crashed just feet away from structure.

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