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EMBRACING your creativity and making your own artwork is a childish pleasure few lose interest in, and just beyond the bustling city of Dublin lies a plethora of artistic treats available for anyone wanting to indulge their creative side.

From woodturning to pottery, Barberstown Castle is a great base to exercise your creative skills.

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The process itself is simple and enjoyable, but patience is a must. Every time I want to mould the metal I must stick the rod in the fire for a few minutes to soften the steel.

This became frustrating as I started to see progress and wanted to work faster. It is not possible to rush the process. It is a slow methodical practice.

In his studio in Milltown, Ashbourne, Meath, he makes realms of pottery for commercial businesses and also runs a range of pottery classes for children all the way up to adults.

I am given gloves to protect my hands from the heat we would use to mould the metal into shapes.

´╗┐Bring out the artist inside you

They run a range of courses from one day tutorials to a weekend of making knives and creating the pieces for a full fire brazier.

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I took off for a crash course in the fine arts of woodturning, pottery and blacksmithing to bring me up to scratch with a few skills I have little experience with.

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and the sculpting takes a few tricks, none of which I manage Nike Vapormax Light Grey

When I arrive into the small, gravelled yard, he is happily working away in a small little workshop, full of dainty knick knacks he has carefully crafted from wood. I am given a rectangular block of wood and following careful instruction I turn it into a gardening tool for digging holes in the dirt.

I changed my focus to a more vulnerable substance; sticky, soft clay, and Thomas Diem is the man to show me the way with ceramics.

Seamus creates wood sculptures and pieces in a small workhouse in Gilltown, Beaupark, Navan, Co Meath.

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Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Glacier Blue

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It's close enough for city slickers to sneak off on a long weekend, or indeed a short one, and return to the concrete jungle with a creation from their own hands to place on the mantelpiece.

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He offers courses in paint a pot, pottery parties, adult classes, kids summer camps and he Nike Vapormax Flyknit Khaki

It takes a great deal of skill and thought to create the perfect cohesion of pressure and support needed to manipulate the soft material into the shape you want. I fail miserably at this venture, however it is very enjoyable. Watching the clay move from the force of your fingers is mesmerising.

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Located on the grounds of the beautiful and historic Russborough House lies a haven of metal work.

also has a gift shop with a range of beautiful pottery pieces made by himself.

Then I am handed two small steel rods and told in an hour I would have fused them together in a delicate brooch. I am more than dubious.

The former architect turned artist runs a range of classes at the workshop, from personal one on one tutorials to master classes with up to three people.

It's a very quaint and comfortable establishment with exquisite food.

to master in my short tutorial, but the desire to perfect my far from perfect skills becomes stronger as the class goes on.

There is a lot to remember, the clay must be kept wet, so you have to repeatedly dose it with water Nike Air Vapormax Violet Dust

First off, there was woodturning, under the guidance of expert craftsman Seamus Cassidy.

It is a lot of fun. It is very therapeutic to focus your mind on something simple and the Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Glacier Blue feeling of accomplishment when you make something is euphoric.

I heat the metal and with a hammer I apply sharp pressure to indent the steel. It is an admirable trade, but due to my flash pan patience, it is definitely not for me.

It is definitely something I would try again and a skill I would love to master.

While immersing myself in the limber skills of practical art, I stayed at Barberstown Castle, Kildare, a beautiful luxurious castle type accommodation in the heart of the vast county bordering Dublin.

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Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Glacier Blue

It was a grand soft day, a touch of rain descended as I arrived at the sheltered open face workhouse in durable clothes as instructed and there was something very special about working in dry cover, while feeling the cold from the day and listening to the drizzling wet.

Michael Calnan and Gunvorr Anhoj have a blacksmith studio in the heart of this historic tourist attraction for the past 12 years.

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