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Games of cricket can be taken seriously or, as with Radio Derby, just as a social knockabout, with the aim to get to meet as many people as we could and get to know as many local pubs as possible.

So it was not unusual for some funny things to happen during the games, such as Deric setting fire to his wicketkeeping pads after he had thought he had put his cigarette out, only for him to find out that it had slipped down between his trousers and the pads.

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´╗┐Broadcaster Deric touched many lives

A change seemed to come over Deric and, when the captain came in to the changing rooms after the game and invited us to go for a drink in the club bar, he said to me in words not for repeating that he would not drink with such an unsporting team.

I spent three or four years playing with Deric and, just like his books and his broadcasts, the games were always a laugh.

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but were eight wickets down.

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This particular game was being played on a pitch by the river at the far end of Darley Park and, to get there, Deric drove Diana up the road which runs through the park and was in the act of getting her out of the car when, from out of nowhere, who should arrive on the scene but the park keeper.

There was one other time I remember him losing his temper and this was during a game in Darley Nike Vapormax Plus Black

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While working for BBC Radio Derby in the early 1980s, he would take the opportunity to play as many games as he could, occasionally appearing with his son, Nick.

The ninth wicket fell and the young lady made her way to the wicket, which was a funny sight in itself, walking like a penguin because the pads were too large, as were the bat and gloves.

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Diana took control Nike Air Vapormax Midnight Navy and said: "Get me in to the chair and take the car back to the car park," which Deric eventually did but I could tell the park keeper would never be on the Longdens' Christmas list and I think even Diana learned a few new words that day.

The home team captain immediately refused to accept her as our 11th player and would only let her bat if they were declared the winners first.

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"You can't park there. No cars are allowed in the park," he said. Deric tried to explain Diana's situation but the park keeper, who would have had to have been completely blind not to see the situation, was adamant. "You've got to move or the law will be called."

Ashley Franklin was captain. One of the girls who worked for Radio Derby and had come along to support us said that she would go in to bat as our number 11.

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In the time we played together, I only got to meet Diana on half a dozen occasions and, just like with Deric, to meet her was an event you would never forget.

But that is where the similarities ended, with Deric having that natural ability to see life through its humorous side, even in severe adversity, something I wish I could have done many Nike Air Vapormax Dark Team Red

Suffering from a then undiagnosed illness that left her in terrible pain, it was a supreme effort for her to get ready to come to the game, taking three or four days of complete rest to find the energy.

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years later as I nursed my wife through terminal breast cancer.

My early life had been just like Deric's, leaving school without any academic qualifications and my father "going into knickers" in 1961 that is setting up the family lingerie and hosiery business.

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In those three of four years, I can only remember Deric getting angry on two occasions, the first during a game played in a village just outside Derby.

There she would sit in a deckchair, her hand bandaged with some aluminium contraption trying to keep her fingers straight, with a sun hat on and talking to my wife, Rosemary, and the other lady supporters from Radio Derby about her children, Sally and Nick, and just how lucky she was to come to see Deric play.

Although they were social games, we did our best to win and, in this particular game, we had only ten men.

No one in the team could understand why he was running around like a headless chicken tearing at his trousers and pads trying to get them off so he could put out the smouldering stuffing inside them.

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As the game came to its conclusion, we needed five or six runs to win Nike Vapormax Black Grey

So Deric and I finished up in the local pub and talked about Deric's wife, Diana, my wife and our children until we had to leave.

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