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Nike Air Vapormax Navy

"This is not your father and grandfather chemotherapy. Often times it pills you Nike Vapormax Ultra

can take at home and meet with the doctor once a month. Other times, you have to come in and see a doctor and get a shot once a week along with those pills," Bleeker said.

Bleeker said the quality of life for patients is high because the treatment is not as difficult as it is for other cancers.

Multiple myeloma is a cancer that affects blood cells in bone marrow. Doctors do not know exactly what causes it, but many believe there could be a genetic or environmental link. Fatigue, kidney damage, and bone pain are some of the signs and symptoms you may notice. In some cases, you may have bone fractures. However, the symptoms vary, and may be hard Nike Air Vapormax Strap

Nike Air Vapormax Navy

´╗┐Brokaw's Cancer Incurable

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Nike Air Vapormax Navy

"Compared to 10 or 15 years ago, this is a Nike Vapormax Grey Olive

Doctors have been working to make multiple myeloma a chronic disease. Patients diagnosed with it live for an average of seven years with the disease. Many live longer, according to the American Cancer Society. Tom Brokaw recently announced he was diagnosed back in August at Mayo Clinic.

to pinpoint. There is not an easy screening system in place, so it often is not diagnosed until the patient is older. It is very common in men over 50, and twice as common in African American men.

Nike Air Vapormax Navy

Nike Air Vapormax Navy

Nike Air Vapormax Navy

Nike Air Vapormax Navy

"We think folks usually live with this disease or even a pre cursor of it for years and years and years before they get diagnosed with myeloma," Bleeker said.

As one of the country most recognizable journalists, Brokaw now finds himself on the other side of the headlines. However, Bleeker said Brokaw is still informing his audience.

much different outlook than we talked about back then," Bleeker said.

Nike Air Vapormax Navy

Nike Air Vapormax Navy

SIOUX FALLS, SD Multiple Myeloma is a serious disease, but Dr. Jonathan Bleeker, a hematologist and oncologist with Sanford Health, said it helps to think of it as a cancer Nike Air Vapormax Navy you can live with, rather than one you will die from.

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