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start their own nest, he said.

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People in Corio, Drysdale, Manifold Heights, Belmont, Grovedale, Inverleigh, Moolap, St Albans Park, Lara and Leopold took to the Geelong Advertiser

´╗┐Bull ants on the rise in Geelong homes

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Melbourne Museum Manager of Live Exhibits Patrick Honan, an expert Nike Air Vapormax All Colours

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ant nests tend to be significantly smaller than those of other types of ants and usually have a couple of hundred ants or less. Any change in the number of nests can be quite noticeable Orange Nike Vapormax

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towards winter Nike Air Vapormax New the nest will produce lots of queens and lots of males, which then leave the nest to mate and Black Nike Vapormax Womens

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Getting rid of the Queen ant which is larger than others and has wings is best way to prevent a nest starting, though most new nests fail to take hold. However, Mr Honan said bull ants could actually provide environmental benefits.

been in the Moolap and Leopold area for 20 years and never noticed them, but I found two huge ones in the past three days, she said

Though it might sound like an unlikely nightmare, Mr Honan warned residents to watch out for balls of mating bull ants falling from the sky. queen and male are winged, and when they leave the nest on mating flights the female will produce pheromones , and males will grab onto her wings, he said.

because they are relatively large in size and quite visible.

on the native insects, said he was unaware of increased numbers in other areas of the state. He cited local conditions and the beginning of breeding season as likely causes.

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son was stung by one and people need to watch out, because it hurts like hell. are about 90 species of bull ant in Australia, some of which can grow to 4cm in length.

on Wednesday to report out of the ordinary encounters.

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there are lots of males around, it can weigh her down so much that she falls out of the sky. said while bull ant stings were painful, they were not dangerous unless a person was allergic.

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