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"One of my companions said to me, 'You should be doing this'. I'd always loved making people laugh, so he managed to convince me.

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Known for his razor sharp wit, thought provoking commentary and winning charm, Trevor became the first South African comedian to appear on The Tonight Show with Nike Vapormax Plus Cargo Khaki

"The guys on stage were doing an open mic night. Nike Air Vapormax No Laces It was a horrible, horrible show. It had no structure, rhyme or reason.

"I feel like I'm at my funniest with people I know. So the best shows are where I really get to know an audience and have a relationship with them. Then it seems as if the magic will never end."

The son of a black South African mother and a white Swiss father, he is now touring the UK, performing a show which sold out a 40 date residency at London's Solo Theatre, making Trevor the most popular comedian ever to have appeared there.

"The moment I got on stage, it just worked. I didn't know beforehand that I was going to do it, but people were immediately cheering me. I felt instantly at home. I felt like I understood it.

"African languages might rely for humour on alliteration or funny sounds rather than puns or sarcasm. But English has humorous tools that are just not available in any other language."

Trevor loves the buzz of performing live. He says: "The rapport with the audience is everything to me. It's the sheer immediacy of it. When you're working on television, you can hope it's funny, but you have no way of really knowing but every night on stage, you can see the audience reaction.

Still just 29, Trevor has sold more DVDs than any other stand up in Africa, has fronted many TV shows in South Africa, including the country's music, television and film awards, and has been the subject of the award winning film, Township To The Stage, which recounts the story of his astonishing career.

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immediate gratification or immediate disappointment! You can fix it on the spot.

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"The influence of the English language is also immeasurable. I have a great love of language. In South Africa, we have 11 different languages, but English is unique. It naturally lends itself to comedy.

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"I can't wait to visit every part of this Nike Vapormax Plus Cargo

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wonderful country," he says. "I really connect with audiences in the UK. I've always had a fantastic relationship with people here because all South Africans are children of Britain.

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´╗┐brings his show to Derby's Assembly Rooms

Jay Leno in the US and is the only South African comedian ever to make it to the international audition for NBC's programme, Last Comic Standing.

Trevor is excited to be the first South African stand up to mount a major tour of this country and is due in Derby on Thursday.

Trevor felt that strong relationship with the audience the first time he ever stepped on stage. He says: "I never dreamt I could become a stand up. I simply fell into comedy. I wanted to be a traffic cop. I loved the idea of shouting into a microphone which I did end up doing but six years ago, I was out one night at a dingy bar in Johannesburg.

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