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Nike Vapormax Black And White

I have played and competed against Darris Kilgour the last 20 years or so. I haven't always liked the way he played or coached.

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Nike Vapormax Black And White

This year the duo certainly have their work cut out for them. Confidence is running at an all time low in Banditland and the fans are getting unruly. The team is looking older, slower and none the wiser.

be stupid not to mention the ace that Darris has in his back pocket, the one he's carried the last nine years of his coaching career.

loss to Colorado I was jogged to think back to that conversation on the bench in Buffalo with Kilgour. It seemed Darris was back in that same dreaded place as this season heads towards the playoffs.

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Roughnecks in a packed Saddledome. It was a solid finish to an up and down season and coach Kilgour must be credited for having rallied the troops.

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Nike Vapormax Black And White

Right now things appear to be overcast and cloudy for the Bandits. They are looking tired and worse for the wear. They don't intimidate with that "what are you gonna do about it" swagger anymore. They don't come up with those "break the game open" plays they have been know for the last decade so much these days. You have to wonder if this could be the end to this era of Bandit's lacrosse and if one of Tavares, Steenhuis or Kilgour won't be around in 2013?

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Nike Vapormax Black And White

Darris said he wasn't gonna do it, there were too many of his Bandits players playing in St. Kitts. Reason why? He felt they were already tuning him out during that 2004 Bandits season. Kilgour wondered "why would he give them more opportunity to do that."After watching the press interview with Kilgour last week after Buffalo's 16 13 Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Explorer

Any team with JT's presence on the floor and behind the scenes has a chance for success. When Tavares ever does decide to shut it down he will be good at anything he tries his hand in lacrosse wise I'm sure. He has too much experience to fall back on to fail. Personally he has always known what it takes to succeed, and inspirationally he steps up to any and all jobs without hesitation and leads by example. He oozes love for the game and it wears off on others. This combo always bodes well for a playoff run. They just need to create some breaks for themselves.

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Seven seasons separate that 2004 April discussion and today. The Bandits have come a long way in terms of success and accomplishments since then, including a trip that very season to the 2004 finals when they dropped a championship game at the hands of the Calgary Nike Air Vapormax Dark Blue

´╗┐Buffalo's Banditland looking to create the magic f

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Coaches Kilgour, Cordingley and Jacobs lamented the inconsistency of their team and the urgency that was escaping them. Sputtering into the playoffs, none of these three were feeling very confident on that April day as we all looked haplessly at our situations and shook it all off with some laughs. Toward the end of the conversation, I asked Kilgour if he planned to coach the local St. Catharine's Sr. A team that summer. His reply was the same thought process Nike Vapormax Black And White that all coaches dread, and feel helpless when it strikes.

I'm going to predict that Kilgour will weather this storm and this team will make it's mark on the 2012 season with something more than what they have shown to date. They have too much experience and too much pride to let this season slip away completely. Has Darris lost his team as many suspect? I think all coaches do from time to time. The focus of NLL lacrosse player's life can easily be lost to a new baby or injuries or other pressing issues when you working full time as many players and most veteran players do. You can't yell and scream 16 times a year either, that isn't how the NLL goes down. It's not college football. These are men with lives that head to work every Monday.

On the very last game of the 2004 National Lacrosse League season, I found myself at a huge crossroads in life. A loss the night before in Rochester had sealed our playoff fate for the 2004 season. It was imminent that coach Adam Mueller, myself and the rest of our Philadelphia Wings coaching staff would be fired after that season came to a close. Painfully going through the motions of a regular pregame warm up, I worked my way to the visitor's bench at Buffalo's HSBC Center. Noticing three of my 1995 Mann Cup championship teammates with Six Nations on the home bench I ventured over and took a seat. Buffalo was in its own funk, having started the 2004 season on fire with a 7 2 record by early March. Then, what can only be described as a huge slump ensued and on the last game of the season Buffalo was looking to get one game over .500 with a win over the Wings and head into the playoffs on a winning note.

Another two trips to the Championship game have yielded one Champions Cup and the consistency all strive for in the NLL marketplace. Buffalo is a perennial playoff team visiting the playoffs all nine years Kilgour has been head coach. It is also arguable that the recent success of Toronto and Calgary is due in part to Kilgour and the defensive system he developed which revolutionized pro lacrosse with the way it applies pressure and speeds up the game. Darris is arguably the best mind in the modern era of lacrosse.

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