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Nike Vapormax Black Anthracite

Nike Vapormax Black Anthracite

If I were the type of person to find excitement in hilariously inconsequential contests like the NLL jersey battles (and I am) I would have to say that last week's rumble between the New York Titans and Calgary Roughnecks was the best yet. While it wasn't quite the closest match up we've had, it was the first time I felt as though I'd cast my vote for the jersey battle underdog yet still ended up siding with the winner. Yes, today we celebrate not only the New York Titans, but also not quite arbitrary decisions that require no skill whatsoever, or as I like to call it, my entire life up to this point.

Nike Vapormax Black Anthracite

Nike Vapormax Black Anthracite

Rather, a utopia called McDonaldland where milkshakes flow from volcanoes and Mayor McCheese wouldn't hesitate to do business with Steve Donner. Alas, we know this place cannot possibly exist, not only due to the sheer ridiculousness of it all but also because if it were truly a utopia, the Buffalo Bandits jerseys would look nothing like they currently do.

Nike Vapormax Black Anthracite

A Knighthawk is Nike Air Vapormax Plus Release Date

of prior to looking up Nighthawk on google? In all honesty I suppose a bird and armour is a terrible combination, plus even without the talons that thing looks terrifying. If it had been a Rochester Knighthawk that flew into Fabio's face on that rollercoaster I don't think we would have been so quick to laugh. Wait, no. I just conducted some research and it turns out we would have laughed just as quickly if not quicker and we might have choked on a pear while doing so.

can long for the good old days of Rochester jerseys and lament the lack of armour all I want, the fact of the matter is that at least the Knighthawks jerseys look like they required some effort to design. My vote? Rochester. Your vote? Infinitely more important. Let's have it.

This week's jersey battle stems from a storied NLL rivalry that really requires no introduction but is going to get one anyway: the garbage plate kids vs. Frito Bandito and friends!In these days of boisterous, sometimes bitter sports rivalries it's nice to know that there's a place where the figureheads of the Knighthawks and Bandits can coexist peacefully. The BCA? Not exactly.

Nike Vapormax Black Anthracite

I Nike Vapormax Plus Sunset

Now I don't want to get into too many specifics, but in 1995 I was ten years old and on any given day I probably walked around wearing stirrup pants, a Club Monaco sweatshirt, and a vinyl Expos hat. And let's not forget the ultimate accessory: pogs. Do I look better these days? Sweet Jesus I hope so. Everyone here who firmly believes they dress better now than they did in 1995 take a big step forward. Not so fast, Rochester Knighthawks. This fine jersey to the right is from the inaugural Knighthawks season (ACTUALLY: third jersey from a few years ago but I'm too lazy to take all of this out and I was probably still wearing the Expos hat anyway) and they may as well have retired from the jersey designing game after that year because they have yet to top it and I doubt they ever will.

´╗┐Buffalo Bandits vs

a Rochester lacrosse player. A Nighthawk is a bird. A Knighthawk is a Nighthawk with a K in front of it. Am I alone in being somewhat disappointed that their logo is not wearing any armour? If you are not going to pop at least a helmet on that thing why is it spelled with a K? To avoid being associated with the Marvel superhero I had never even heard Nike Air Vapormax Womens White

Nike Vapormax Black Anthracite

Nike Vapormax Black Anthracite

Nike Vapormax Black Anthracite

Nike Vapormax Black Anthracite

Nike Vapormax Black Anthracite

It's great that the Bandits have been around for so long, but do we need to be reminded of it every time we look at their flimsy, Nike Vapormax Black Anthracite outdated uniforms? It looks like they showed up to their first game ever and somebody went "oh crap guys, I think we were supposed to bring jerseys" and then ran out for a 20 pack of Hanes, a big swatch of felt, and a photocopy of Zorro. Maybe instead of criticizing I should just be grateful that they even bothered to put names and numbers on them. Can't say I blame the Bandits for wanting to steer clear of a big redesign since that doesn't always go well in Buffalo. Better stick with the novelty Halloween pajama shirt with the armpit to armpit logo.

Nike Vapormax Black Anthracite

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