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About million is given to the county council from central Government each year to carry out repairs, although the settlement for 2013 2014 is million. But each year the bill for repairs across the county's schools increases by about million.

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´╗┐budgets and repairs mean test for education in Derbyshire is to deliver even more for even less

"Certainly, an on going important issue is the need to rebuild schools. The fabric of a school is important and helps youngsters to have a pride in their surroundings and themselves. Unlike the Conservatives, I am not sure where the money would come from to make this possible.

Alan Graves, chairman of Central and South Derbyshire UKIP, said: "We believe in Nike Air Vapormax Chrome Blush

Schools are responsible for what they do with their budgets and those which have converted to academy status are totally in charge of their everyday running.

"As a parent, I want what's best for my child and the children in our care are effectively the council's children. It is our duty to make sure they get the best possible start in life."

Mr Gillott said: "We have to work within the budget constraints which have been imposed by the current Government.

"This would then be added to the potential million we will get each year as usual from the Government, giving us million over 10 years to plan a proper programme of repairs.

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He said: "I am grappling daily with the ever growing problem of decay in the county's 400 primary and secondary schools. This is despite investing million in rebuild and repairs in the past four years."

"We are having to be more creative with the money we have got but we will continue to go backwards with repairs unless a much bigger capital sum is available.

He said: "If we assume power next week, education will be one of our top priorities. We want to work with schools but with the current rate of education reform, it is difficult to say what we will be called upon by the Government to deliver in the next couple of years.

start ever with more children reaching the required standards in the Government's Early Years Foundation Stage.

"Above all, we will work to keep our children safe and healthy. We will provide more activities for young people to do, support them to achieve their full potential and prepare them well for adulthood."

He said: "Our record stands for itself. Our children in the early years are enjoying their best Nike Vapormax Flyknit All Black

"So I have discussed developing a strategic building programme with officers so that an extra million would come from council coffers, borrowing and the receipts from the sale of unused buildings.

With one of the biggest budgets in the county council and schools increasingly able to decide what they want to do with it, education will be a challenge for whoever takes control at the council.

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In its manifesto, Labour wrote that its education aims were to ensure "high quality early years provision and affordable childcare; first class schools, special educational needs and disability services; youth services and careers advice.

UKIP's manifesto highlights a return to the old grammar school system of education.

"I feel there are more cuts to come and that is why it would be irresponsible of the Labour group to commit to big spending projects at this stage but we do have certain areas which must be a priority for Nike Vapormax Blue Green any party which has control, including children in care.

"We can't just walk in to schools and takeover, so it is very important to work with everyone to ensure that standards are driven up."

"We have proven Nike Vapormax Plus Obsidian

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"At the same time we're closing the gap between children on free school meals and those in our care and their peers in more affluent and traditional family settings.

championing excellence and the current system does not cater for all children's abilities, from the lowest to the highest.

Mr Longden believes that during the last four years in power, the Tory group has made inroads into improving education, which it hopes to carry on after May 2.

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"We think that streamed grammar schools with 11 plus style entrance exams, where children of similar ability are grouped together, is what is needed."

"As a corporate parent we are committed to ensuring children in our care do well and that is why we have developed an initiative called Uni fi, which aims to ensure our children enjoy the best life chances.

that we can deliver more for less. Given the financial climate and further reductions to council budgets, now is the time for even more for even less. This is why we're placing innovation at the heart of all we do and how we provide services."

Kevin Gillott, deputy leader of the council's Labour group, acknowledged the delicate balance between schools and the council.

"I inherited a big problem in the county but I do believe this is a national problem. But I am determined to give pupils the buildings and information technology equipment they need for the 21st century."

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