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Just in time for resolution season when many Americans try hard to lose the extra weight they gained over the holidays, a surprising study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has come out, seemingly suggesting that a few additional pounds may not do too Nike Vapormax Blue Orbit much harm after all, and being a bit overweight may even reduce a person's mortality risk.

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a modest amount, he added.

Nike Vapormax Blue Orbit

Even those who are still within a healthy weight range should take proactive steps to avoid weight increase by eating right and exercising regularly. Obviously, it is much easier to prevent any damage than to repair it.

Unfortunately, most dieters still focus too much on calorie reduction, in spite of the fact that Nike Air Vapormax R

"Not all weight is the same," said Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the CDC department that conducted the study, in an interview with USA TODAY. "If you work out and build muscle mass, you may increase weight and that's healthy."

Nike Vapormax Blue Orbit

Nike Vapormax Blue Orbit

Whether a few extra pounds matter much or not depends on how someone has acquired them, said Dr. Walter Willet, professor at Harvard School of Public Health, in the same interview. "If someone has always been muscular and is active and strong, and their blood pressure and levels of blood glucose and cholesterol are fine, then their health risks are probably minimal. However, if someone has gotten to this weight by putting on 10 pounds or more, has increased their waistline by more than two inches, or has elevations in blood pressure, glucose or cholesterol, then this weight can be a serious health risk."

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The problem is that the large majority of overweight people develop metabolic abnormalities such as high blood pressure, diabetes and many other conditions. That's why most will benefit from losing weight, even if it's only Nike Vapormax All Black On Feet

´╗┐build a healthy lifestyle

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Either way, successful weight management does not come in form of quick and temporary fixes but with a firm commitment to your overall health and well being that lasts a lifetime. This may entail paying careful attention to your eating habits and, if necessary, making some changes, which can range from cutting back on portion sizes to learning entirely different eating styles. It can require going on more walks or making the gym your new obsession.

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deprivation rarely works. That's why so many encounter a so called 'yo yo' effect, where they regain the weight they've lost and sometimes add more once the dieting is over.

Those who are significantly overweight and face health threats because of that may have to take some immediate action. Even losing relatively small amounts of weight can be a lifesaver. In extreme cases, more drastic measures under medical supervision may be necessary.

Nike Vapormax Blue Orbit

Nike Vapormax Blue Orbit

The findings, which were widely publicized in the press, quickly proved controversial and evoked some strong reactions from health experts and the public. Is this the end of the need for weight control?

Don't try changing everything all at once. Allow for occasional treats, count on lapses, but don't lose sight of your long term goals. Ask for support from loved ones or seek professional help when the going gets too tough. In the end, what matters most is that you own your new and improved lifestyle and that it becomes part of who you are. And it will, if you try long and hard enough.

extensive your efforts will need to be, they don't have to be complicated. Most experts recommend to start small and set more ambitious goals over time. Aim for balance, variety and moderation in your eating pattern. Develop an exercise regimen that matches your needs and that you enjoy enough to stick with it.

Nike Vapormax Blue Orbit

Nike Vapormax Blue Orbit

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