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Nike Vapormax Khaki Green

Nike Vapormax Khaki Green

Step 2 you need to look in the mirror and make sure your look is meticulous. The old adage is "If you look good you play good." And that is so true. If you like your lax look then you are walking tall and your chances of playing well increase 1000%.

Hopkins All American, All everything, founder of Maverik Lacrosse Nicknames: Gags or John Soprano Nike Vapormax X Acronym

Step Nike Air Vapormax Red And White

Midfield Vinny Sombrotto Hofstra

Nike Vapormax Khaki Green

´╗┐Bringing some 'Guido' to your game and Ric's All

Step 1 you need to hit the gym hitting the gym is going to make you stronger and therefore help your game. Guido hit the gym because they want to get jacked and look good in clubs.

Nike Vapormax Khaki Green

Nike Vapormax Khaki Green

Nike Vapormax Khaki Green

Come on, have you ever smelled old lax gear? The cologne will mask that stench!

By Ric Beardsley My first ever blog brought out a lot of comments, which is great. Thanks for all of them, even the bad Nike Vapormax Khaki Green ones. To all the Haters: I love ya! Thanks for telling me I suck at Lax, I am stupid, and Ugly. I also put together my Guido Team which consists of some great lacrosse players.

First, in order for you to fully understand what a Guido is please click this link, read the definition and come on back. Got it? Ok, let move on. Why is having some in your game good? Guido have traits that can be very helpful when playing lacrosse. Traits like aggressiveness, pride in your appearance and not really caring what others think. These things are needed to make a great lacrosse player.

Long Stick Midfield Brian Spallina

We have a lot of Gweeds on Hofstra huh? All World like 100 times, hall of famer, one of the all time greatest middies Nicknames: Vinny Sombrott or Vinny Corvette Cologne: Hugo Boss Car: 2011 Maybach

Nike Vapormax Khaki Green

Step 3 you must have a go to cologne. Why is this relevant? Nike Vapormax Red White

Hofstra, MLL, teacher, sick dude! Nicknames: Sampson or 3 Minutes Unreleasable. Cologne: Brut Car: 1969 Chevy Monte Carlo with 2000 watt sound system

Cologne: Versace Car: 2011 Range Rover Sport with the Sinatra Package

Nike Vapormax Khaki Green

Nike Vapormax Khaki Green

Nike Vapormax Khaki Green

Nike Vapormax Khaki Green

4 you must know at least three Guido Anthems. If you want examples: here are 3 Old Gweed Anthems and 3 New Gweed Anthems

Nike Vapormax Khaki Green

Nike Vapormax Slip On

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