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TUESDAY, July 29, 2014 (HealthDay News) Although the bite of a brown recluse spider is poisonous, these wounds usually heal well if left alone, an expert notes.

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"Our recommendations are that all children under 12 with a brown recluse spider bite should have a urine test for the presence of hemoglobin [the compound in red blood cells that carries oxygen to the body] in blood," she said.

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medical director of the Tennessee Poison Center, particularly since these potentially dangerous bites are on the rise.

"As physicians, it is hard for us to do nothing. The [bite] has classic characteristics, but if physicians are not familiar with this bite, the tendency is to debride [remove infected tissue] and cut out the lesion," she explained in a Vanderbilt University Medical Center news White Nike Vapormax Off White

These symptoms may occur with or without the breaking down of red blood cells, which can be life threatening, particularly for children.

recluse spiders are typically a light brown color, but some may appear cream colored, dark brown or dark gray.

The Nike Vapormax Olive Green brown recluse spider is also known as the violin spider because it has a violin shaped marking on its back. These spiders have six eyes, and are often less than an inch long. Brown Nike Vapormax Black Strap

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"We don't know why [this] occurs in some people with a brown recluse spider bite and not in others, but it is life threatening and does require immediate medical attention," explained Seger.

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Nike Vapormax Olive Green

It's still important to recognize the warning signs of an adverse reaction to a brown recluse spider bite, warned Dr. Donna Seger, Nike Vapormax Red Black

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Ointments, antibiotics and the anti infective medication dapsone should not be applied to a brown recluse spider bite wound, Seger added. She also recommended using ice for pain management rather than strong painkillers.

In some cases, brown recluse spider bites can cause symptoms throughout the body. Warning signs of this syndrome include fever, rash and muscle pain.

´╗┐Brown Recluse Spider Bites on the Rise

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release. "This actually slows the healing process, and can result in disfigurement that would not occur if the lesion were left alone."

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Nike Vapormax Olive Green

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