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Oh look! A piglet and a kitten!

´╗┐Bringing Home the Bacon

The Pig emerges from the machine.

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3 will allow you to Cabbage port to the Falador cabbage patchslightly east of it.

Training the PigletEdit

Martin orders you to punch the culprit, and you do so. However, they both complain that it was not enough, so the camera view directs you to a kitten and a pig, while you can hear your character savagely bashing the culprit. After the beating, Martin will Nike Vapormax Plus Grey give you the piglet.

Eli Bacon has discovered the secret of bacon following an accident involving his prized wrestling pig and a fire, and needs help ensuring there are enough pigs to sustain the expected popularity of his products. The Explorer's ring Nike Vapormax Cdg

You're given a Bacon heap and 9 planks (If you don't have space in your inventory you can ask him later when you have more space). Build pig decoys at the hotspots in the centre of the field. First build it up with the planks, then add the bacon. Do it for all three decoys. You will need to continually add bacon to the decoys until Eli leads all the pigs out of the field. (Tip: Build the middle one and keep adding bacon, all the addicts will come to that one and it saves time.)

Eli will introduce "bacon", a new type of meat he has discovered and named after himself, to you by giving you a sample of it. Eat the bacon and give your opinion. Eli wants to advertise pigs and explain how they are no longer useless animals, but serve delicious meat. A cutscene occurs, laying out the plan to you.

Talk to Martin and ask to take one Nike Air Vapormax Mens Red

When returning to Eli, you will discover that the addicts have disappeared and that the pig is fully grown. You will hand over 5 onions to him. Now click on the machine to train the pig. A cutscene will occur where the pig enters the machine. The pig will exit wearing equipment relevant to the type of machine you made: a knapsack for a beast of burden, pots and a knife for combat, or a really small altar for prayer.

A group of Bacon addicts Nike Vapormax Grey

Eli will then ask you to get him 5 wheat. He will then explain that he wants to make the addicts fall asleep. Go back outside and put some bacon on the fake pig decoys. Then drug the bacon. However, after the addicts eat the bacon, they do not fall asleep. Return to Eli and he will explain that the potion takes some time to work.

After Eli has led all the pigs away from the addicts, you will be taken to the cellar of the house. Talk to Eli and he will explain that he wants to train pigs to gather people's attention. Answer based on which pig pet you would like (it affects only the appearance and can be changed later). Pick the wheat if you did not acquire any wheat yet.

Head back to Eli in the storm cellar and hand over the piglet to him. Eli will then ask you to create a machine to train the Pigzilla piglet up into a fully grown pig. Go into the northern room and click to build the machine. Eli will supply you with all the supplies needed. Head back to the machine and click to upgrade it.

He will then ask you to get him 5 fresh picked onions. The closest onion patch is south of Draynor Village bank. Alternatively, you can use a Clan vexillum teleport and run a bit south west to the onion patch north of Rimmington.

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come to the farm in search of Bacon.

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of Pigzilla's piglets. He will explain that he has been pickpocketed and wants you to give the culprit a good "beating" before he will give you one.

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Keeping the bacon addict at bayEdit

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Head north west and talk to each character. (One quick way is to immediately accuse each character until you get the correct one.) They will each say who each other was with. The person who was not mentioned by anyone is the culprit who pickpocketed Martin. Accuse him and then a cutscene will occur. The culprit is different for each player.

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Multiple locals have come to the farm in order to taste more bacon (although Eli initially believes they want to eat him instead). Eli explains how he gave a few a taste and now they are addicted. They open the gate and begin to lay butter on the pigs. Eli orders you to make decoys to distract the addicts.

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