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And don't for a second think it's just a Scottish thing.

Last year, he put on a Robbie Burns dance, which was highly successful.

Holt will be bringing in haggis from Allen's Scottish Butchers in Toronto for the second year in a row. Bill Robertson will make the address again, the Ode to the "bloated sausage."

It's fitting, he adds, that there's a good turnout to Robbie Nike Air Vapormax High Top

"There's a lot of Scottish background in Kingston. Queen's University is all Scottish. When you talk about the logs coming down the canal, that was all built by Scottish stone masons."

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"You don't have to be Scottish to enjoy this, and if you've never been to one, you should go."

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The pomp and ceremony around the haggis is part of the fun.

"The haggis has to Nike Air Vapormax Laceless

Burns events.

"I said I wasn't going to do one this year, but I got jumped on Nike Vapormax Strap by a lot of people to do it. We had 93 people at last year's and I have restricted tickets for this one I have a feeling we are going to be sold out."

"To the Scots, it's as important as the St. Patrick's is to the Irish. Everywhere you go in Scotland right now, it'll be all about Robbie Burns," says Malcolm Holt, a member of the Kingston District Shrine Club who is organizing a Robbie Burns 250th Dance Saturday, Jan. 24.

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"It's a piece of cake. Well, actually, it's a haggis!"

Holt received a special kit from Scotland regarding the whole event. The event is registered with the Scottish Board, marking Kingston one of the places around the world celebrating Burns's birthday

He will recite a few verses from the address.

Holt has belonged to the Canadian United Kingdom Dance Club in Kingston for 30 years, and he joined the Shriners 18 months ago. The Shrine Club is the fun element of the Masons, and Holt is a 32 degree mason.

eat, you'll be scrawny. But if you eat your haggis and all the rest of it, you become strong with muscle."

Holt is not from Scotland and has no connection to Scots other than his name. He was named after Malcolm Campbell, a race driver.

´╗┐Bring on the haggis

Bill Robertson, a free mason, is Scottish and is charged with giving due diligence to the haggis.

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"Everybody claps and they walk around to a table and then the haggis is placed and everybody goes quiet, and the other Scot will turn and look at everybody and he starts into the Robbie Burns's Address to a Haggis."

"Basically, in translation, they are saying that if you didn't Nike Vapormax Black

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"We toast the piper and the haggis with single malt of Scotch," he explains.

be placed on a big silver platter, and the bagpipes play and a procession comes marching in with the haggis," Holt explains.

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