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Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

something from his brother, Wilfred's, lapel badge.

"On two of the cards the words 'On active service' and 'In the firing line' were written. Two other cards had gun carriages on them and the letters RFA. Could that have been their regiment? I would love to know.

Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

They were Albert's war medals.

But Margaret is certain that the psychological trauma suffered by her father during his time in France and Belgium was the reason why he never talked about his service on his return.

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Margaret said: "At the time of the war, the family were living in Blaby, in Leicestershire. My grandmother and grandfather, Isaac and Elizabeth Hatton, who also had two daughters, Nellie and Ann, must have been horrified when all three of their boys went off to fight. It must have been terrible for them, wondering whether they would ever see them again."

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She does not even know which Army regiment they served with, although the initials RFA appear on the back of some greetings cards sent from the front, suggesting that he may have been with the Royal Field Artillery.

Years later, after the death of the brothers' younger sister, Nellie, Margaret found among her possessions some birthday, Christmas and Easter cards which had been sent by the boys from the front.

She said: "The boys sent home quite a few cards. They were beautiful. They were embroidered with flowers and had flags on them.

Margaret said: "It Nike Vapormax Plus Hybrid

Margaret, who worked with the business for a short while after leaving school, said: "They used to go to Nottingham market twice a week. They had a big field where they grew lovely strawberries. People used to come to buy them in the evenings."

"Then, one day, curiosity got the better of me and I asked my mother what they were for.

Margaret's grandad died in 1936 but his two sons carried on with the business and were eventually joined by Margaret's younger brother, Kenneth. Albert and Wilfred finally retired in the mid 1960s and the business closed.

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"That only really started after the Second World War. I am so glad it is being remembered now as all the people who fought in the First World War deserve this recognition."

´╗┐Brothers in arms who kept their painful war memories to themselves

is such a shame that I don't really know anything about what he went through but I suspect he was just so traumatised by what he had seen and done that he couldn't bring himself to Nike Air Vapormax Neymar

Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

Albert joined the Army, along with older brother Wilfred, while younger brother Ernest opted for the Royal Navy. Remarkably, all survived the four year conflict physically unscathed.

Margaret was born in 1933 and recalls vividly an incident from her childhood. She said: "I saw these three medals in a drawer. I had noticed them before when I had gone into the drawer for a pencil but had never said anything about them.

She said: "He was a wonderful father to my brother and me. I have always referred to the First World War as the forgotten war because, for years afterwards, I don't remember any annual service at the village memorial.

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"I know that my father served in France and Belgium. The only other thing I know about that time is from little bits told to me by my Auntie Nellie. She said that, when the boys came home on leave, the family would give a party for them."

"She just gave me this very strange look and shook her head but did not say anything. My dad, who was sitting in the room, never said a word. I just put them back."

Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

A CENTURY has passed since Margaret Hall's father, Albert Hatton, signed up to fight in the First World War. He was aged just 19 and was one of three brothers who enlisted.

Margaret said: "My Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine grandad, dad and Uncle Wilfred ran the business. Lillypool House was a big, three storey property which had lots of sheds, outbuildings, a greenhouse, orchard and stables from which they could run their business."

The only clue to her Uncle Ernest's Royal Navy service is on his hat. It bears the words HMS Excellent, which was the Royal Navy's Gunnery Training School, in Portsmouth.

They grew all sorts of fruit and vegetables including strawberries, rhubarb, Brussels sprouts, cabbages and cauliflowers, all from seed.

After the war, the Hatton family moved to Melbourne where they set up a market gardening business, first from a property in Union Street and then from Lillypool House, in Castle Street, which belonged to Lord Lothian, of Melbourne Hall.

talk about it. It was probably his way of dealing with it all."

Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

Margaret's mum, Mildred, died in 1974, followed by her dad in 1978, at the age of 83.

There are no clues on his uniform in the picture, right, although Margaret is hoping that a reader might be able to discern Nike Vapormax All Red

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